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San Francisco tries to increase safety of streets for bicyclists

As drivers and bicyclists struggle to share the roads in San Francisco, many groups and individuals are finding ways to bring awareness to bike safety that could not only benefit bicyclists, but pedestrians… Continue reading

Gasping For Fair Air

It’s been a while since any major American protests have made national and international news, let alone consume it. In the past year, the amount of people protesting in America has grown tremendously due… Continue reading

Vendetta: The Short Film Group Project

My group and I wanted to create a horror film for out short project. With the help of my close friend Christian, we were able to bring the story of Kelly and Austin… Continue reading

It Is a Doggy Dog World

Disney is well aware of all copyright laws and they are known for using them to their advantage. What happens when Disney joins forces with Target and steals someone else’s work for profit?… Continue reading

Interview with Alexa Uekert

While I intend to make my blog centered around music, all the posts found on here do not necessarily have to be just about the music. I want to share how music affects people’s lives… Continue reading

A New Scene

While walking around campus, I decided to take a few pictures of myself in front of the Caesar Chavez Center. I also took a few of the waterfall and a walkway that went… Continue reading

Lost in a World of Found

So I started my first week of school at San Francisco State University and I was not as excited as I though I would be; I was terrified. I was on the wait… Continue reading