Gasping For Fair Air

It’s been a while since any major American protests have made national and international news, let alone consume it. In the past year, the amount of people protesting in America has grown tremendously due to the recent murders of African American males by police officers. When people cannot protest in person, they decide to protest on social media. Some of the most used hashtags in the pas couple of months have been #ICantBreathe, #HandsUpDontShoot, and #BlackLivesMatter. #ICantBreathe deals with the case of Eric Garner where he was choked to death by police officer. It was video taped and showed that Eric Garner was causing no problems and had even just broken up a fight. #HandsUpDontShoot refers to the recent death of Michael Brown, a teen who was accused of stealing cigarettes and then shot six times by a police officer. The most chilling part about both of these cases is that neither of the two cops were indicted.

This outraged everyone across the country, with even the most conservative of public figures grieving over the deaths of Garner and Brown. While some believe that this is just a matter of police brutality, many people believe it is a matter of racial discrimination which caused the creation of #BlackLivesMatter. Whether racial discrimination does have a part in these matters, the real problems is how easily police can get away with murder. With the case of Michael Brown, many people argued that all police officers should wear body cams. Unfortunately, when the officer that killed Garner was found not guilty,  everyone realized that undeniable evidence could not even bring any justice to the victim and his family. While there is no specific solution to this problem, it is definitely clear that our justice system has to undergo several changes.