It Is a Doggy Dog World

Disney is well aware of all copyright laws and they are known for using them to their advantage. What happens when Disney joins forces with Target and steals someone else’s work for profit? An upset company decides to sue both of them. Disney and Target decided to work together to make shirts under the name of “D-Signed” where one of the girl shirts features various drawing of dogs. Those same drawings are found in Modern Dog Design’s book “Modern Dog: 20 Years of Poster Art” and the company had no idea that their images were being used for the benefit of another, unrelated company. According the Seattle Copyright Watch, Modern Dog had obtained their copyright registration for the book at the beginning of 2010 while Target began to sell the shirts around September 2011. Disney argued that they were trying to sell merchandise for a new movie that features one of their characters, a dog named Sharpay. Modern Dog not only want to stop the creation and distribution of the “D-Signed” t-shirt, they want Disney and Target to cover damages that were made towards Modern Dog and the money they had to spend on an attorney. While Target and Disney have enough money to cover their legal fees, Modern Dog Designs has been trying to find ways to raise funds to cover their expenses; they have raised about $40,000. Although this legal battle still rages on, it is critical that Modern Dog wins this lawsuit. It is obvious that the two companies had copied the work from Modern Dog’s book and tried to sell it for their own benefit. If Modern Dog does not win this case, it means that money can buy anyone’s priceless piece of work.


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Disney knows what it feels like to have their work stolen for someone else’s profit. Why would they go and do it another company?