Interview with Alexa Uekert

While I intend to make my blog centered around music, all the posts found on here do not necessarily have to be just about the music. I want to share how music affects people’s lives and in what situations it plays a huge role. Now we all know that dancing and music have a strong relationship. Even if someone does not dance to music, they are most likely some type of music with the sound of their feet. I felt that the best way to get some type of idea on how music correlates dancing is by interviewing an actual dancer.

I had Alexa sit down in my room and we recorded the audio with the microphone that was built into my Surface. I used the app Lexis Audio Editor to cut down and string together my sound bites. The music that is behind the voice track is a track called Clairvoyant by The Story So Far, which I already had in my possession. The challenge I faced was trying to figure out what software I could use to edit my audio. I could not download Audacity because it was not compatible with my Surface so I had to figure out what apps I could find to edit the audio. While the Lexis Audio Editor did cost me seven dollars, I only bought it so I could save the file as an mp3. Other than that, you could use it for free and still have no editing limitations.