A New Scene

While walking around campus, I decided to take a few pictures of myself in front of the Caesar Chavez Center. I also took a few of the waterfall and a walkway that went by the waterfall. The walkway picture was my favorite one, but it felt a bit empty because no one was in it. San Francisco State is such a lively place and it is rare to find any where with no students. I felt that the second picture did not show an accurate representation of the school.

imageimage (1)

I photoshopped myself into the second picture to show that San Francisco State is never empty because it always has something lively about it, whether it is the late night soccer games, the lit up buildings, or fun events happening on campus. I used the magnetic lasso around myself in the first picture and then saved it as new a project. I copied myself into the second photo and made myself smaller so I did not seem out of place.