Lost in a World of Found

So I started my first week of school at San Francisco State University and I was not as excited as I though I would be; I was terrified. I was on the wait list which caused me to have to stay with my best friend’s aunts in Alameda. Everyday started with an hour and a half commute to school and ends with a two hour commute back home. When I was finally on campus, I spent my free time sitting in the library or eating by myself.

My first day of school was a mess. I was completely lost and I had no idea where any of my classes were. In the midst of trying to find my classes, I left my folder on a table in the Caesar Chavez Center. I had to go back and get it, which made me extra late for my Astronomy class. Once school was over, I decided to take the twenty-eight bus back to the Daly City Bart Station, but I accidentally boarded the one heading to Fort Mason. While I was on the bus, my phone died due to me forgetting to charge it. This only being my second time taking any type of public transportation, I did not suspect anything was wrong until the bus driver said her last stop was at Fort Mason. I began to panic.

“You aren’t going to the Daly Ciity Bart?” I asked.

“Get off and wait her for the next bus.” She answered.

It was already eight o’clock and the last bus from the Fruitvale Bart Station to Alameda left at 9:30. By the time I gotten to the Fruitvale Bart Station, it was 10:30. Great. The buses were done running, my phone was dead, Kayla’s aunts wouldn’t know that I was gone cause they were out of town, and I did not know how to get home. I was stranded. Fortunately, I noticed the taxis waiting for lonely Bart travelers like me and I was able to take one home.

After Monday’s fiasco, I was completely over school. I wanted to pack up all my belongings, call my mom, and head home. By the time Thursday rolled around, I just wanted to curl into a ball and hide. During my last class, I met Janet, Adrian, and Prinda. Janet reminded me of my friend Jazmine back home: gorgeous and quiet, but nice enough to still talk to you. Adrian was a sophmore and had already had the experience of freshman year behind him. Prinda was outgoing and funny which made you want to break out of your shell and have a good time. After class, we all started talking and I began to explain how horrible my first week of school had been. I came yo find out that Prinda was in the same boat as me. Janet and Adrian already knew their way around and offered to show us around the campus. I was ecstatic about the idea and the tour started.

I decided to take pictures with my new iPhone, but the first one did not come out very well. I was still trying to learn how to work it.

onety one

We started at the library and went through the east side of the campus. Adrien showed as that the buildings on that side and told us a little history of each one. Once we finished seeing the east side of school, we did not know where to look next.

twoty two

Finally, Janet decided that the stadium was the next best thing to see, so we made our way over there. On our way there, we walked by all these tables set up for fraternities, sororities, and clubs. When we made it to the field, the men’s soccer team was practicing and they all had their shirts off. Let’s just say, Janet, Prinda, and I were very excited.

threety three

fourty four

After that, we walked through that the west side of campus, the quad, and made our way back to the library. I felt so relieved after the tour and did not feel as lost as I had an hour before. I also had made some new friends and we exchanged numbers.

If you jumped to the next week, I finally felt at home in San Francisco and could not wait to see what school and the city had in store for me.

– Kiana